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The NJ Real Estate Exam Is Challenging

According to PSI Services, LLC, the pass rate on the New Jersey real estate salesperson license exam was only 25% of the 1,800 candidates who took the exam in January, 2021. Since that time, PSI Services, Inc has stopped reporting its pass rate. The low passing rates indicates that the license exam is not a casual endeavor and requires determined study and preparation in order to pass.

The 110 question test consists of 80 general real estate questions and 30 questions regarding NJ license law, the rules of the NJ Real Estate Commission, the law of agency and fair housing laws. The passing score for the state exam is 70% (77 correct answers out of the 110 questions).

There are several reasons the pass rate is as low as it is. First, the material covered on the test falls well outside the experience of most candidates interested in real estate. Most candidates have little exposure to the concepts and terminology in the areas of license law, law of agency, contract law, mortgage finance and the like.

And, while none of the material is difficult to understand, the sheer volume makes the material hard to retain and apply without diligent study. The shear breadth makes assimilation and recall difficult to master. The material is easily lost to recall in a short period of time.

Next, PSI Services, LLC is very skilled at testing the application of the information rather than a simple recall of terms and concepts. Many students are simply not ready to make the critical differentiations necessary to passing the exam.

Finally, most real estate courses of instruction are lecture from a book without regard to question weighting on the state test. The material lends itself to a dry, uninspired presentation that does draw student focus or retention. Likewise, little progress feedback is provided to students except on a watered-down school final. The student struggles through the school test and goes on to fail the more difficult state test. This is the reason our approach is decidedly different from other real estate schools.

While there is great opportunity as a real estate licensee, the New Jersey real estate salesperson exam is a significant hurdle for many candidates.

Why You Should Be Wary Of Highly Discounted Course Offers

The NJ state real estate exam is difficult for any new student to pass. Therefore, it is important to enroll in a course that structured to faciliate your success. Many of the highly discounted courses are taught by inexperienced instructors who mostly read from a 500 page text book which is typically not included in the offer price. Any additional learning resources are not included in the cost of the course and are poorly constructed. They typically charge extra testing fees. They typically do not provide prgress testing, they don't provide study aids and if a student fails the end of course exam they charge a new testing fee. If a student fails the course again, they require the student to pay a fee and retake the course.

We charge one price for high quality instruction by experienced instructors and an extensive array of robust learning resources that will prepare you to pass the state exam. We do not charge testing fees. We welcome students who struggle to retake the course as many time as needed in one year in order to pass.