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Our Bootcamp Format Explained

Our bootcamp format is and intensive and interactive program of study designed to allow students to assimilate the large volume of information covered in the course while building question answering skills needed to pass the NJ license exam.

Our program is organized in accordance with the test outline supplied by PSI Services, LLC. We provide to-the-point study materials and practice questions in accordance wtih the PSI Services test outline.

We typically cover one topic per session including a slide presentation of the material, a quiz to test student understanding of the key concepts and a review of the collective quiz results to clear up questions and cement understanding. All our classes are taught online in order to replicate the testing environment of the state exam.

Our course is organized by the topics indicated in the following graphic. The graphic highlights the varying question count per section. Organizing the course in this manner allows students to allocate study time according to its weighting on the state exam.

nj real estate exam question breakdown

PSI supplies students who fail with a performace summary by the sections shown above. With our course format, students can readily improve weak areas in order to achieve a passing score on the next attempt.

Our materials are designed to facilitate learning. We provide easy to read notes for each section of the course along with slides and end of section study questions. Our materials make it simple for students to review the subject matter multiple times in order to facilitate recall.

Our testing platform closely replicates the testing environment of the state exam.

We provide extensive progress testing through-out the five-week course to provide realistic feedback to students on their progress. This allows our students to gain an advantage.

Each section includes approximately 200 practice questions to test understanding and build recall. A student will typically answer approximately 2,000 real estate questions during our program.

Key learning resources are included in the price of the course. These materials include:

  • 2,000+ flip-cards covering vocabulary and real estate concepts;
  • 2,000+ study questions (approximately 100 questions per section);
  • Solved real estate math questions covering all the problem types on the state exam;