Mission | NJ Real Estate School Online

Our Mission

NJ Real Estate School is licensed by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission to provide pre-license training courses for both real estate salesperson and broker candidates. Our class room instruction is held held primarily online and at other licensed teaching location in New Jersey.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive learning environment to enable real estate saleperson and broker candidates to gain fundamental industry knowledge and to pass both our school exam and the New Jersey state license exam on the first attempt. To that end, we provide a range of learning tools combined with a well presented course curriculum. Our instructors have extensive real estate and mortgage origination experience encompassing residential and commercial sales and financing. We welcome you to contact us with any questions you might have regarding our programs.

We are 100% committed to providing equal opportunity for all. We have structured our programs to empower students to achieve a level of academic success beyond that which they thought possible. We recognise that people possess different skills and talents. As a result, they learn new skills in a time frame that is appropriate to them. We will leave no one behind.

Learning Guaranteed

We want our success as a school to be aligned with the success of our students. Accordingly, we do not assess additional testing fees for either initial testing or to make up a failed test.

Lastly, we recognize that students learn at different rates. Some students have the background to complete the course in the five-week scheduled class time. Many students however, require more time and study to gain the skills needed to complete the course and pass the state exam. We welcome those students to repeat the course as many times as necessary for one full year after initial registration. Our most important priority is the success of our students.